Salt Shaker, Toothpick Track and Bar Jacket for

Bar Bravo
Munich, Germany

48°07'46.3"N 11°34'26.0"E

Behind an unassuming shopfront in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel enclave lies Bar Bravo – a wood-paneled, soft-lit, stainless-steel-adorned specimen dripping with sprezzaturra.

Get in out of the cold, pull up a stool and get yourself sorted out with a negroni. Take a look at that dashing silhouette your barkeep is cutting.

Check out that gorgeous off-white cotton twill bar jacket with the handsomely embroidered ‘Bar Bravo’ on the chest. Way to stay classy!

And speaking of class, that richly-coloured horn salt shaker and toothpick tray looks absolutely timeless. And what would you know!? They’ve all been brought to life by the good people at the AKOG Hotel Group.