Apron, Tapestry and Newspaper Stand for

Cape Columbine Café
Saldanha Bay, South Africa

32°49'59.9"S 17°51'06.0"E

Perched on a rocky outcrop, next to South Africa’s last manned lighthouse, Cape Columbine Cafe is where the aroma of fresh coffee meets the salty breeze coming off the southern Atlantic.

Every morning, curious locals congregate inside to get wind of the latest news from across the globe – the cafe’s famous newspaper stand tells stories from far flung corners of the world – London, New York, Berlin, Delhi. Somehow, their stories sound grander when the crash and roar of the ocean is within earshot.

Cape Columbine’s iconic kilim tapestry and newspaper stand. The tapestry is hand woven in local artisan workshops, with the design inspired by ancient African symbols and the local wildlife. Use the newspaper stand as the perfect rustic storage for maps, magazines, or photo books. The complementary outfits of the baristas adorn a sophisticated apron.