Soap and Soap Box Concept for

Hotel Il Pellicano
Porto Ercole, Italy

42°22'24.6"N 11°11'18.1"E

Blessed with bounties of bougainvillea and Tuscan sunshine, the Mediterranean-hugging Hotel Il Pellicano has been hosting scores of jet-setted gents and gentlewomen for decades.

Umbrellas and towels with yellow and white stripes. Lavender. Rosemary. Sea-salt. Sage. Blood orange. Limoncello. Cappuccino. An afternoon lounging in the lush surrounds of the Pellicano pool is an absolute smorgasbord for the senses. Take a bit of it home in your suitcase with this rosemary and sage hand soap.

Pressed with a yellow and orange marbling and a debossed Pellicano pelican on the top, this nice little souvenir soap will bring you back pool-side each and every bath-time. In between scrubs, keep your bar out of harm’s way in the beautifully illustrated tin travel box.