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Bar Bravo

Munich, Germany
Art-Direction & Design

Apron, Tapestry and Newspaper Stand

Behind an unassuming shopfront in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel enclave lies Bar Bravo – a wood-paneled, soft-lit, stainless-steel-adorned specimen dripping with sprezzaturra.

Check out that gorgeous off-white cotton twill bar jacket with the handsomely embroidered ‘Bar Bravo’ on the chest. Way to stay classy!

And speaking of class, that richly-coloured horn salt shaker and toothpick tray looks absolutely timeless. And what would you know!? They’ve all been brought to life by the good people at the AKOG Hotel Group.

Off-white Bar Jacket
Horn Salt Shaker
Toothpick Tray

Get in out of the cold, pull up a stool and get yourself sorted out with a negroni. Take a look at that dashing silhouette your barkeep is cutting.