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Bodegón De Navío

Navío Beach, Puerto Rico

On the southern shores of Puerto Rico, where the calm, turquoise Caribbean caresses the golden sandy beaches, the island’s finest seafood restaurant is busy preparing the fishermen’s daily catch.

On the menu? Lobster is very special this time of the year, the head chef enthuses to hungry guests.

The best time to sit down is early evening. Saving time to watch the sun disappear behind the horizon, as it bathes the sky in a warm pink hue while the ocean near the bay starts to glow because of its famous bioluminescence effect. As night falls, it’s impossible not to feel intoxicated by the vibrations that permeate the surrounding atmosphere. Diners wait for dinner with their partners, soaking it all in, and although this is just another evening at Bodegón De Navío, they know this is a moment they will never forget.

We were tasked with the redesign of their visual presence, including logo design and fonts, applied to menus, signage and tableware.

Life revolves around the ocean at Bodegón De Navío and their bespoke ceramic tableware reflects the locals’ passion for the sea. The deep blue gradient on these objects takes inspiration from the ocean’s bioluminescence glow at night. Handmade in Portugal and perfect for serving seafood dishes at home, the set consists of appetizer plates, dinner plates, cereal bowls and serving platters and bowls.

Famous for serving the finest of seafood since 1977, it was about time that Bodegón De Navío received a makeover of their appearance to match their culinary quality visually.