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Bar Raion

Kyoto, Japan
Creative Consultancy

Corporate Identity, Incense Chamber and Accessoires

Bar Raion has been wetting the beaks of weary travellers for generations.

You’ll find this sultry, super-small and exclusive whisky bar down the end of a dimly-lit backstreet in Kyoto’s Gion district. As you duck through its burgundy noren curtains and dip through the door, you’ll be greeted by a small army of suited and booted bartenders ready to pour you a nicely aged Japanese single malt.

Now sink your backside into a comfy armchair, nurse your Yamazaki and take a gander at the fine goods we’ve crafted for your table.


Combining traditional Japanese aesthetics with finest Whiskeys from around the world, Bar Raion is Kyoto’s go-to location for the liquid sunshine. We have developed their visual presence, comprised of font and logo development, which are gently applied to their interior.

Tap your menthol out over our classic, gold-rimmed white porcelain ashtray and watch the ash gently fall across Bar Raion’s majestically illustrated red lion printed at the bottom.

Take in that rich scent of hinoki in the air care of the beautifully textured white porcelain lion that’s to your left. This traditionally constructed incense chamber sits at 18 cm tall and is adorned with the AKOG Hotel Group insignia at its feet.

And help yourself to one of our intricately illustrated and printed matchboxes and coasters – an artistic throwback to the dining ephemera of travelling’s golden age.